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"That Shit That Killed JFK"  is their first EP. It features production from the dude alongside vulgar raps from Sheik.

If you don't enjoy drug dealing, hooker beating, violence, swearing, rhyming, weed smoking, gangsta shit, dope beats, or any of the like, it is advised that you do not listen to "That Shit That Killed JFK".  

New works coming from The Tree House Crew in 2017.

The Tree House Crew's first performance. Live from the 805 Oilers Fest in Downtown Los Angeles. 03/18/2017 Shot by @_gseven Photos 

 The Tree House Crew is a hardcore hip-hop duo based out of Skid Row, Los Angeles, California. ras dude on the beats, and Sheikadelic on the rhymes.

Some say they were conjoined twins, separated at birth after an attempted abortion by their mother. One was flushed down the toilet and other left in the gutter. 



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